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Bulloch Drug

The Wood 'N Lace Place

The Wood 'N Lace Place was started by Chris Vickers and Susie Shakespeare in 1986 when their children were very young, and they wanted to expand their ability to sell the craft products they and their friends produced in their homes. They ran the business as a consignment business for many years and used the business to provide employment for their children as well as bring in a small income.

When Evan and Chris purchased Bulloch Drug in 1996, Chris bought out Susie's interest and ran the business by herself. She transitioned away from a consignment craft business and moved to a retail gift and collectible type business. Chris began attending numerous gift shows throughout the country looking for merchandise that was attractive and affordable. When the economy hit a slump and the gift and collectible market slowed down, Chris made a calculated risk and turned her gift store into a boutique where she now sells women's accessories, i.e. purses, scarves, jewelry, etc. This move allowed the business to survive and thrive during the downturn of the economy as well as continue to grow since then.

There are many repeat customers from all over the western United States that come to Cedar City to shop at our stores. Many patrons of the Utah Shakespeare Festival, Utah Summer Games, Neil Simon Festival and other venues make a shopping experience on Main Street in the three Vickers' stores a must do stop.

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